Friday, June 22, 2018

Driving the Alcan

Drove the Alcan (Alaska-Canadian Highway) from Sacramento, California to Tok, Alaska with a side trip into Haines, Alaska.

This is the first time we have driven to Alaska.  We've driven within Alaska a lot, but only after flying into Anchorage, or another city, town in Alaska and renting an RV, truck camper, or other vehicle.

Driving allowed us to comfortably take our dog too!

Originally, we planned to sleep in the back of the F250 which has a Leer mid-rise shell on it now.  We also were planning later perhaps, to purchase a truck camper to carry in the bed of the truck.  But as things work out, we ended up purchasing an Outdoors RV 20FQ travel trailer.  After working on a long list of modifications, improvements, etc... to the truck and travel trailer setup, we were ready to go, by our scheduled departure date.  More on modifications (mods) later...

It's been two years since we last stepped onto our property in Tok.  We were happy our dog made the trip with us.  As of this writing she is twelve.

I took the opportunity to practice some drone flying.  An aerial shot of the pad and part of the driveway.

Did a couple of mapping missions, but had issue with the drone's camera focus.  I'll still post some results however as it is interesting.

Here is an aerial video:

Other Alcan posts to come....

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